In July 1966.

In July 1966, “Verve Forecast” label released “Tim Hardin 1”, the debut Tim Hardin album. It was recorded May – November 1964, December 1965, and was produced by Erik Jacobsen.


  • Tim Hardin – vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Gary Burton– vibraphone
  • John Sebastian– harmonica
  • Bob Bushnell– bass
  • Earl Palmer, Buddy Saltzman– drums
  • Jon Wilcox – drums
  • Phil Kraus – backing vocals
  • Walter Yost – bass
  • Artie Butler– string arrangements
  • Val Valentin– engineer
  • Lisa Bachelis – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Tim Hardin.

  1. Don’t Make Promises
  2. Green Rocky Road
  3. Smugglin’ Man
  4. How Long
  5. While You’re On Your Way
  6. It’ll Never Happen Again
  7. Reason to Believe
  8. Never Too Far
  9. Part of the Wind
  10. Ain’t Gonna Do Without
  11. Misty Roses
  12. How Can We Hang On to a Dream?

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