On June 17, 2003.

On June 17, 2003, “Play It Again Sam” label released “Happy Songs for Happy People”, the fourth Mogwai studio album. It was recorded  in 2003, at “Cava Studios” in Glasgow, Scotland, and was produced by Tony Doogan.


  • Dominic Aitchison- bass guitar
  • Stuart Braithwaite- guitar
  • Martin Bulloch- drums
  • Barry Burns- guitar, keyboard
  • John Cummings- guitar, piano
  • Luke Sutherland- violin, guitar
  • Caroline Barber, Donald Gillian – cello
  • Scott Dickinson – viola
  • Greg Lawson – violin
  • Tony Doogan – recording, mixing
  • Michael “Frango” Bannister, Gavin Lawrie – assistant engineering
  • Adam Nunn – mastering
  • Uncontrollable Urge – cover
  • Divine Inc – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns and John Cummings.

  1. Hunted by a Freak
  2. Moses? I Amn’t
  3. Kids Will Be Skeletons
  4. Killing All the Flies
  5. Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep
  6. Ratts of the Capital
  7. Golden Porsche
  8. I Know You Are but What Am I?
  9. Stop Coming to My House



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