On June 6, 2006.

On June 6, 2006, “Verve Forecast” label released “The River in Reverse”, album by Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint. It was recorded November 27 – December 10, 2005, and was produced by Joe Henry.


  • Elvis Costello– vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, Hammond organ, tambourine, tremolo
  • Allen Toussaint–vocals and backing vocals, electric piano, horn arrangements
  • Sam Williams- trombone
  • Carl Blouin – baritone saxophone
  • Amadee Castenell – soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Brian Cayolle – baritone saxophone
  • Anthony “AB” Brown – guitar
  • Davey Faragher– bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Steve Nieve– piano, Hammond organ, clavinet, farfisa organ
  • Pete Thomas- drums, percussion

Track listing:

All tracks by Allen Toussaint, except where noted..

  1. On Your Way Down
  2. Nearer to You
  3. Tears, Tears and More Tears
  4. The Sharpest Thorn – Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint
  5. Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further?
  6. The River in Reverse – Elvis Costello
  7. Freedom for the Stallion
  8. Broken Promise Land – Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint
  9. Ascension Day – Roy “Professor Longhair” Byrd, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint
  10. International Echo – Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint
  11. All These Things
  12. Wonder Woman
  13. Six-Fingered Man – Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint

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