On June 2, 2017.

On June 2, 2017, “Bomber Records” label released “America, Location 12”, the sixth Dispatch album. It was recorded 2016 – 2017, and was produced by John Dragonetti and Mike Sawitzke.


  • Brad Corrigan – vocals, guitar, whistle, banjo, charango, drums, percussion, photography
  • John Dragonetti – vocals, guitars, tambourine, bass, bass programming, keyboard, slide synthesizer, clapping, electric bagpipes, drums, drum programming, percussion, mixing, cover art concept, cover photo, photography
  • Pete Francis – vocals, guitar, photography
  • Mike Sawitzke – vocals, guitar, organ, fuzz bass, synthesizer bass, Tom – Tom, trumpet, clapping, shaker, engineer, mixing
  • Chadwick Stokes – vocals, guitar, tambourine, bass, whistle, photography
  • Willy Urmston – banjo
  • Peter Adams – organ, synthesizer, mellotron
  • Claudia Lennear, Jon Reilly – vocals
  • Nicky Rheaume – art direction
  • John Rummen – art direction, layout design

Track listing:

  1. Be Gone
  2. Only the Wild Ones
  3. Curse + Crush
  4. Painted Yellow Lines
  5. Skin the Rabbit
  6. Midnight Lorry
  7. Begin Again
  8. Rice Water
  9. WindyLike
  10. Ghost Town
  11. Atticus Cobain



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