On March 19, 2001.

On March 19, 2001, “Palace” label released “Ease Down the Road”, the seventh Will Oldham studio album, second under his moniker Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. It was recorded in 2000, and was produced by The Continental Op.


  • Todd Brashear – vocals, lap steel guitar
  • Matt Everett – violin
  • Mike Fellows– bass guitar
  • Paul Greenlaw – vocals, banjo
  • Catherine Irwin, Harmony Korine– vocals
  • Ned Oldham – vocals, guitar, bass guitar
  • Will Oldham– vocals, guitar, Nord Lead, percussion
  • David Pajo– vocals, guitar, bass guitar, Nord Lead, piano, percussion
  • Bryan Rich – guitar
  • Matt Sweeney– vocals, guitar, banjo
  • Jon Theodore– drums, percussion

Track listing:

  1. May It Always Be
  2. Careless Love
  3. A King at Night
  4. Just to See My Holly Home
  5. At Break of Day
  6. After I Made Love to You
  7. Ease Down the Road
  8. The Lion Lair
  9. Mrs William
  10. Sheep
  11. Grand Dark Feeling of Emptiness
  12. Rich Wife Full of Happiness

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