On March 11, 2016.

On March 11, 2016, “Universal Music Australia” label released “Telluric”, the debut Matt Corby studio album. It was recorded in 2016, at “Sing Sing Studios”, “Berry Mountain Cottage” in Melbourne, and was produced by Dann Hume and Matt Corby.


  • Matt Corby – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, recorder, percussion
  • Jack Standen – keyboards, organ, clavinet
  • Joel Dowling – guitar
  • Michael Haydon – drums, percussion
  • Dann Hume, Matthew Neighbour – engineer
  • Eduardo De La Paz – mixing
  • Stuart Hawkes – mastering

Track listing:

  1. Belly Side Up – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  2. Monday – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  3. Knife Edge – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  4. Oh Oh Oh – Matt Corby
  5. Wrong Man – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  6. Sooth Lady Wine – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  7. Do You No Harm – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  8. We Could Be Friends – Matt Corby, Dann Hume
  9. Why Dream – Matt Corby, Dann Hume, Henriksson
  10. Good to be Alive – Matt Corby, Dominic “Mocky” Salole
  11. Empires Attraction – Matt Corby, Dann Hume, Henriksson

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