In January 1973.

In January 1973, “Nimbus 9” label released “Artificial Paradise”, the eleventh Guess Who studio album. It was recorded in 1972 at “RCA’s Music Center of the World” in Hollywood,  and was produced by Jack Richardson.


  • Burton Cummings- lead vocals, keyboards, flute
  • Kurt Winter- lead guitar
  • Donnie McDougall – rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals
  • Bill Wallace- bass, lead and backing vocals
  • Garry Peterson- drums
  • Stanley Winistock – fiddle
  • Vic Anesini – mastering
  • Ralph Chapman – liner notes
  • Brian Christian – engineer
  • Pacific Eye & Ear – concept
  • Marty Slick – liner notes
  • Dennis Smith – technician
  • Lorrie Sullivan – photography
  • Ron Thompson – writer

Track listing:

  1. Bye Bye Babe – Kurt Winter, Bill Wallace
  2. Samantha’s Living Room – Donnie McDougall
  3. Rock and Roller Steam – Kurt Winter, Bill Wallace
  4. Follow Your Daughter Home – Burton Cummings, Kurt Winter, Donnie McDougall, Bill Wallace, Garry Peterson, Stanley Winistock
  5. Those Show Biz Shoes – Burton Cummings
  6. All Hashed Out – Bill Wallace, Kurt Winter, Burton Cummings
  7. Orly – Burton Cummings
  8. Lost and Found Town – Donnie McDougall
  9. Hamba Gahle-Usalang Gahle – Burton Cummings, Kurt Winter, Bill Wallace
  10. The Watcher – Bill Wallace, Burton Cummings

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