In September 1978.

In September 1978, “Warner Bros” label released “Wavelength”, the tenth Van Morrison studio album. It was recorded in 1978, and was produced by Van Morrison. The album cover photography was by Norman Seeff.


  • Van Morrison – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric piano, alto saxophone
  • Peter Bardens– keyboards, synthesizer
  • Garth Hudson– organ, synthesizer, accordion
  • Bobby Tench– electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Herbie Armstrong – rhythm guitars, backing vocals
  • Mitch Dalton – Spanish guitar
  • Kuma – bass
  • Mickey Feat – bass
  • Peter Van Hooke– drums
  • Ginger Blake – backing vocals
  • Laura Creamer– backing vocals
  • Linda Dillard – backing vocals
  • Mick Glossop – engineer
  • Alan Douglas, Richard Ash – second engineer
  • David Latman, Alex Kash – engineer assistant
  • Brooke Arthur – remix
  • Peter Granet – additional remix
  • Danny Lipsius – coordination
  • John Cabalka – art direction
  • Brad Kanawyer – design
  • Mick Glossop, Bobby Tenchand, Peter Bardens – production assistant
  • Paul Wexler – production assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Morrison except where noted.

  1. Kingdom Hall
  2. Checkin’ It Out
  3. Natalia
  4. Venice U.S.A.
  5. Lifetimes
  6. Wavelength
  7. Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession – Jackie De Shannon, Van Morrison
  8. Hungry for Your Love
  9. Take It Where You Find It

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