In September 1975.

In September 1975, “Island” label released “Another Green World”, the third Brian Eno studio album. It was recorded in 1975, at “Island Studios” in London, and was produced by Brian Eno. In 2012,  “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 429 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

  • Brian Eno – vocals, snake guitar, digital guitars, synthesizer, tapes, organ, piano, Yamaha bass pedals, synthetic and electric percussion, treated rhythm,  castanet guitars, chord piano generator, Hammond organ, synthetic and Peruvian percussion, electric elements, unnatural sounds, choppy organs, spasmodic percussion, club guitars, uncertain piano, Leslie piano
  • Robert Fripp– wimshurst guitar, restrained lead guitar, Wimborne guitar
  • Brian Turrington – bass guitar, pianos
  • Percy Jones– fretless bass
  • Paul Rudolph– anchor bass, bass, snare drums, assistant castanet guitars, guitars
  • Phil Collins– drums, percussion
  • Rod Melvin– Rhodes piano
  • John Cale– viola section

Track listing:

All tracks by Brian Eno.

  1. Sky Saw
  2. Over Fire Island
  3. Elmo’s Fire
  4. In Dark Trees
  5. The Big Ship
  6. I’ll Come Running
  7. Another Green World
  8. Sombre Reptiles
  9. Little Fishes
  10. Golden Hours
  11. Becalmed
  12. Zawinul/Lava
  13. Everything Merges with the Night
  14. Spirits Drifting

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