In September 1972.

In September 1972, Warner Bros label released “Rolling Thunder”, the first Mickey Hart solo album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Mickey’s Barn” in Marin County, California.The cover art was created by Alton Kelly and Stanley Mouse’s Kelly/Mouse Studios.


  • Mickey Hart– drums, percussion, field drum, timpani
  • John Cipollina– guitar
  • Bob Weir– guitar, vocals
  • Tower of Power– horn section
  • Stephen Stills– bass
  • Carmelo Garcia – timbales, congas
  • Mike and Nancy Hinton – marimba
  • Alla Rakha– rain
  • Sam Andrew, Robbie Stokes – guitar
  • David Freiberg– vocals, bass, piano
  • Steven Schuster – flute
  • Zakir Hussain – rain, table
  • Jerry Garcia – guitar, insect fear
  • Grace Slick– piano, vocals
  • Greg Errico– drums
  • Barry Melton– acoustic guitar, vocals
  • David Freiberg – acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Paul Kantner– vocals
  • Barry Melton – guitar
  • Robbie Stokes – guitar, bass
  • David Freiberg – bass, piano, viola, vocals, water pump
  • Terry Haggerty – guitar
  • Bill Champlin– organ
  • Phil Lesh – bass
  • Dan Healy, Rick Davis, John Wollman, David Freiberg, Mickey Hart– engineers
  • Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, David Freiberg, Dan Healy, Stephen Stills– mixdown
  • Rock Scully– direction
  • Ed Thrasher– art direction
  • Ron Rakow, Bruce Baxter – photography

Track listing:

  1. Rolling Thunder/Shoshone Invocation” (Rolling Thunder)
  2. The Main Ten (Playing in the Band) – Mickey Hart, Bon Weir, Hunter
  3. Fletcher Carnaby – Mickey Hart, Hunter
  4. The Chase (Progress) – Mickey Hart
  5. Blind John – J. Stetson, Peter Monk
  6. Young Man – Mickey Hart, Peter Monk
  7. Deep, Wide and Frequent – Mickey Hart
  8. Pump Song – Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Hunter
  9. Granma’s Cookies – Mickey Hart
  10. Hangin’ On – Stetson, Peter Monk; arranged by Mickey Hart



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