On August 17, 2004.

On August 17, 2004, “PUSA Inc.” label released “Love Everybody”, the fourth   Presidents of the United States of America album. It was recorded in 2003, and was produced by Martin Feveyear.


  • Chris Ballew- basitar, clavinet, synthesizer, sound effects, mixing, editing, engineering, acoustic guitar, guitar, keyboards, harmonica, bass guitar, electric piano
  • Dave Dederer- guitbass, guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums
  • Jason Finn – drums, guitbass
  • Martin Feveyear, Conrad Uno- engineering, mixing
  • Jon Ervie – engineering
  • Vlado Meller – mastering
  • Bootsy Holler – cover photo
  • Kiki Ajidarma – design, packaging

Track listing:

All tracks by Chris Ballew, except where noted.

  1. Love Everybody
  2. Some Postman
  3. Clean Machine
  4. Highway Forever
  5. Zero Friction
  6. Surf’s Down
  7. Shortwave
  8. Poke and Destroy
  9. Munky River
  10. Drool at You
  11. Vestina – Chris Ballew, Tad Hutchinson
  12. 5,500 Miles
  13. Shreds of Boa
  14. Jennifer’s Jacket



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