In August 1972.

In August 1972, “Philadelphia International” label released “Back Stabbers”, the seventh O’Jays studio album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Sigma Sound Studios” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was produced by Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff and Bunny Sigler.In 2012, “Rolling Stone” magazine ranked the album at number 318 on its list of the “500 Greatest Albums of all Time.


  • Eddie Levert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bobby Massey, Bill Isles.– vocals
  • Dennis Harris – guitar
  • Bobby Eli– guitar
  • Roland Chambers – guitar
  • Bunny Sigler– guitar, keyboards, piano
  • Norman Harris– arranger, guitar
  • Ronnie Baker– bass
  • Lenny Pakula – keyboards
  • Leon Huff– keyboards, piano
  • Earl Young– drums
  • Don Renaldo – conductor, horn, strings
  • Thom Bell – arranger, strings
  • Larry Washington – bongos, percussion
  • Vincent Montana, Jr.– percussion, vibraphone
  • Tony Martell – executive producer
  • Adam Block – director
  • Joe Tarsia– engineer
  • Lenny Pakula – keyboards
  • Earl Young– drums
  • Tony Sellari – art direction
  • Bobby Martin– arranger

Track listing:

  1. When the World’s at Peace – Kenneth Gamble, Bunny Sigler, Phil Hurtt
  2. Back Stabbers – Leon Huff, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead
  3. Who Am I – Bunny Sigler, Phil Hurtt
  4. (They Call Me) Mr. Lucky – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff,
  5. Time to Get Down – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff
  6. 992 Arguments – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff
  7. Listen to the Clock on the Wall – Leon Huff, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead, Kenneth Gamble
  8. Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind of People – Leon Huff, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead, Kenneth Gamble
  9. Sunshine – Bunny Sigler, Phil Hurtt
  10. Love Train – Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff

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