In June 1969.

In June 1969, “Regal Zonophone” label released “A Salty Dog”, the third Procol Harum studio album. It was recorded in March 1969, and was produced by Matthew Fisher.


  • Gary Brooker– lead vocals, piano, celeste, three-stringed guitar, bells, harmonica, recorder, wood, orchestral arrangements
  • Robin Trower– lead and acoustic guitars, lead vocals, sleigh tambourine
  • Matthew Fisher– organ, lead vocals, marimba, rhythm and acoustic guitars, piano, recorder, orchestral arrangements, production
  • Dave Knights– bass
  • J. Wilson– drums, conga drums, tabla
  • John “Kellogs” Kalinowski – bosun’s whistle, refreshments
  • Keith Reid– lyrics
  • Ken Scott– engineering
  • Ian Stewart – engineering
  • Henry Lewy – engineering

Track listing:

  1. A Salty Dog – Gary Brooker, Keith Reid
  2. The Milk of Human Kindness – Gary Brooker, Keith Reid
  3. Too Much Between Us – Gary Brooker, Robin Trower, Keith Reid
  4. The Devil Came from Kansas – Gary Brooker, Keith Reid
  5. Boredom – Matthew Fisher, Gary Brooker, Keith Reid
  6. Juicy John Pink – Robin Trower, Keith Reid
  7. Wreck of the Hesperus – Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid
  8. All This and More – Gary Brooker, Keith Reid
  9. Crucifiction Lane – Robin Trower, Keith Reid
  10. Pilgrim’s Progress – Matthew Fisher, Keith Reid

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