In June 1967.

In June 1967, “Warner Bros” label released “Insight Out”, the third Association album. It was recorded April-May 1967, and was produced by Bones Howe.

Track listing:

  1. Wasn’t It a Bit Like Now? – Terry Kirkman
  2. On a Quiet Night – P.F. Sloan
  3. We Love Us – Ted Bluechel
  4. When Love Comes to Me – Jim Yester
  5. Windy – Ruthann Friedman
  6. Reputation – Tim Hardin
  7. Never My Love – Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi
  8. Happiness Is – Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi
  9. Sometime – Russ Giguere
  10. Wantin’ Ain’t Getting – Mike Deasy
  11. Requiem for the Masses – Terry Kirkman



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