In May 1967.

In May 1967, “Elektra” label released “The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds”, concept album on the theme of the signs of the Zodiac, by Paul Beaver, Mort Garson, Jacques Wilson and Cyrus Faryar. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Alex Hassilev.


  • Cyrus Faryar– narration
  • Paul Beaver– Moog and other electronic instruments
  • Emil Richards– exotic percussion
  • Bud Shank– bass flute
  • Hal Blaine– drums
  • Carol Kaye– bass guitar
  • Mike Melvoin– keyboards

Track listing:

All music by Mort Garson, all lyrics by Jacques Wilson

  1. Aries – The Fire-Fighter
  2. Taurus – The Voluptuary
  3. Gemini – The Cool Eye
  4. Cancer – The Moon Child
  5. Leo – The Lord of Lights
  6. Virgo – The Perpetual Perfectionist
  7. Libra – The Flower Child
  8. Scorpio – The Passionate Hero
  9. Sagittarius – The Versatile Daredevil
  10. Capricorn – The Uncapricious Climber
  11. Aquarius – The Lover of Life
  12. Pisces – The Peace Piper



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