In February 1978.


In February 1978, “Crass Records” label released “The Feeding of the 5000”, the debut Crass album. It was recorded on October 29, 1978, at “Southern Studios”, and was produced by Steve Ignorant, Joy De Vivre, Eve Libertine, Phil Free, Pete Wright,  N. A. Palmer and Penny Rimbaud. This album is considered to be one of the first punk albums to expound anarchist philosophies.


  • Steve Ignorant- vocals
  • Joy De Vivre- voices
  • Eve Libertine- voices
  • Phil Free- lead guitar, backing vocals
  • N. A. Palmer- rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Pete Wright- lead vocals, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Penny Rimbaud- drums, radio
  • John Loder- engineer
  • G(Gee Vaucher – artwork

Track listing:

  1. Asylum”
  2. Do They Owe Us a Living?
  3. End Result
  4. They’ve Got a Bomb
  5. Punk is Dead
  6. Reject of Society
  7. General Bacardi
  8. Banned from the Roxy
  9. G’s Song
  10. Fight War, Not Wars
  11. Women
  12. Securicor
  13. Sucks
  14. You Pay
  15. Angels
  16. What a Shame
  17. So What
  18. Well?…Do They?

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