On November 21, 1984.


On November 21, 1984, “Barking Pumpkin” label released “Francesco Zappa”, the 42nd Frank Zappa album. It was recorded February – April 1984, at “UMRK”, and was produced by Frank Zappa. The album features features chamber music by the Italian  composer  Francesco Zappa, who composed between 1763 and 1788.


  • Frank Zappa – orchestrated, conductor
  • Performed by The Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort
  • David Ocker – Synclavier document encryption
  • Bob Stone, Mark Pinske – engineer
  • Donald Roller Wilson – cover painting
  • Gabrielle Raumberger – collage
  • New Age Art – graphics

Track listing:

All tracks by Francesco Zappa

  1. Opus I: No. 1 First Movement: Andante
  2. Opus I: No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro con brio
  3. Opus I: No. 2 1st Movement: Andantino
  4. Opus I: No. 2 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso
  5. Opus I: No. 3 1st Movement: Andantino
  6. Opus I: No. 3 2nd Movement: Presto
  7. Opus I: No. 4 1st Movement: Andante
  8. Opus I: No. 4 1st Movement: Andante
  9. Opus I: No. 4 2nd Movement: Allegro
  10. Opus I: No. 5 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso
  11. Opus I: No. 6 1st Movement: Largo
  12. Opus I: No. 6 2nd Movement: Minuet
  13. Opus IV: No. 1 1st Movement: Andantino
  14. Opus IV: No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro assai
  15. Opus IV: No. 2 2nd Movement: Allegro assai
  16. Opus IV: No. 3 1st Movement: Andante
  17. Opus IV: No. 3 2nd Movement: Tempo di minuetto
  18. Opus IV: No. 4 1st Movement: Minuetto

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