On September 23, 2003.


On September 23, 2003, “DreamWorks Records” label released “Want One”, the third Rufus Wainwright studio album. It was recorded in 2003, at “The Maid’s Room”; “Bearsville Studio A”; “Loho Studios”; “Looking Glass Studios” in New York City, and “The Strongroom” in London, and was produced by Marius de Vries.  The album won Wainwright “Outstanding Music Artist” award at the 15th “GLAAD Media Awards”; “Best New Recording”.


  • Rufus Wainwright– vocals, piano, Fender rhodes piano, recorders, acoustic guitar, keyboards, orchestral arrangements, choral arrangements
  • Marius de Vries– piano, programming, vibraphone, orchestral arrangements, choral arrangements
  • Charlie Sexton– guitar, electric guitar
  • Jimmy Zhivago – guitar, electric guitar, piano
  • Jeff Hill – bass
  • Bernard O’Neill – bass
  • Levon Helm– drums
  • Matt Johnson – drums
  • Sterling Campbell– drums
  • Simon C. Clarke – alto sax, baritone sax, flute, alto flute, piccolo
  • Adrian Hallowell – bass trombone
  • Nick Hitchens – tuba
  • Alexandra Knoll – oboe
  • Gerry Leonard – guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
  • The London Oratory Choir – choir
  • Roddy Lorimer – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Kate McGarrigle– banjo, accordion
  • Tim Sanders – tenor saxophone
  • David Sapadin – clarinet
  • Daniel Shelly – bassoon
  • Paul Spong – trumpet
  • Dave Stewart – bass trombone
  • Annie Whitehead– trombone
  • Joy Smith – harp
  • Maxim Moston – concertmaster, orchestral arrangements
  • Chris Elliott – orchestral arrangements
  • Gavyn Wright – orchestra leader
  • Linda Thompson– additional vocals
  • Teddy Thompson– additional vocals
  • Martha Wainwright– additional vocals
  • Jenni Muldaur – additional vocals
  • Alexis Smith – programming
  • Isobel Griffiths – orchestra contractor
  • John Holbrook, Bob Ebeling, Andy Bradfield, Marius de Vries – engineer
  • Jack McKeever – engineer assistance
  • Struan Oglanby, Ian Dowling, Bill Synan, Sean Gould, Tom Gloady – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Rufus Wainwright:

  1. Oh What a World
  2. I Don’t Know What It Is
  3. Vicious World
  4. Movies of Myself
  5. Pretty Things
  6. Go or Go Ahead
  7. Vibrate
  8. 14th Street
  9. Natasha
  10. Harvester of Hearts
  11. Beautiful Child
  12. Want
  13. 11:11
  14. Dinner at Eight

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