On September 8, 1988.


On September 8, 1988, “Epitaph Records” label released “Suffer”, the third Bad Religion album. It was recorded in April 1988, at “Westbeach Recorders” in Hollywood, and was produced by Bad Religion.


  • Greg Graffin– vocals
  • Brett Gurewitz– guitar
  • Greg Hetson– guitar
  • Jay Bentley– bass guitar
  • Pete Finestone– drums
  • Donita Sparks- additional guitar
  • Suzi Gardner- additional guitar
  • Jennifer Finch- backup vocals
  • Donnell Cameron – engineer
  • Legendary Starbolt– engineer
  • Jerry Mahoney – artwork

Track listing:

  1. You Are (The Government) – Greg Graffin
  2. 1000 More Fools – Brett Gurewitz
  3. How Much is Enough – Brett Gurewitz
  4. When – Greg Graffin
  5. Give You Nothing – Greg Griffin, Brett Gurewitz
  6. Land of Competition – Greg Graffin
  7. Forbidden Beat – Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz
  8. Best of You – Greg Graffin
  9. Suffer – Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz
  10. Delirium of Disorder – Brett Gurewitz
  11. Part II (The Number Game) – Bret Gurewitz
  12. What Can You Do – Greg Fraffin
  13. Do What You Want – Brett Gurewitz
  14. Part IV (The Index Fossil) – Greg Graffin
  15. Pessimistic Lines – Greg Graffin

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