On August 20, 2002.


On August 20, 2002, “SpinART” label released “Devil’s Workshop”, the second of a pair of albums by Frank Black and the Catholics to be simultaneously released in 2002. It was recorded March – April 2002, and was produced by Frank Black, Scott Boutier, David McCaffery, Dave Philips, Rob Laufer and Ben Mumphrey.


  • Frank Black– vocals, guitar
  • Dave Philips – vocals, guitar, pedal steel guitar
  • Rob Laufer – keyboards
  • David McCaffery – vocals, bass
  • Scott Boutier – vocals, drums
  • Eric Drew Feldman– keyboards
  • Stan Ridgway– keyboards
  • Joey Santiago– guitar
  • Lyle Workman– guitar
  • Moris Tepper– guitar
  • Ben Mumphrey– maracas

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Black.

  1. Velvety
  2. Out of State
  3. His Kingly Cave
  4. San Antonio, TX
  5. Bartholomew
  6. Modern Age
  7. Are You Headed My Way?
  8. Heloise
  9. The Scene
  10. Whiskey in Your Shoes
  11. Fields of Marigold

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