On July 19, 2005.


On July 19, 2005, “Back Porch Records” released “Honeycomb”, the tenth Frank Black studio album. It was recorded in 2005, and was produced by Jon Tiven.


  • Frank Black– vocals, guitar
  • Steve Cropper- lead guitar
  • Buddy Miller- guitar
  • Reggie Young- guitar
  • Spooner Oldham – vocals, keyboards, bells
  • Jon Tiven- harmonica
  • David Hood- bass guitar
  • Billy Block- drums
  • Anton Fig- drums
  • Akil Thompson- drums
  • Chester Thompson- drums
  • Jean Black – duet vocal
  • James Griffin – vocals
  • Ellis Hooks- vocals
  • Dan Penn- vocals, tracking engineer
  • Earl Drake- mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Black, except where noted.

  1. Selkie Bride
  2. I Burn Today
  3. Lone Child
  4. Another Velvet Nightmare – Frank Black, Reid Paley
  5. Dark End of the Street – Dan Penn, Chips Moman
  6. Go Find Your Saint
  7. Song of the Shrimp – Roy C. Bennett, Sid Tepper
  8. Strange Goodbye
  9. Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day – Doug Sahm
  10. Honeycomb
  11. My Life Is in Storage
  12. Atom in My Heart
  13. Violet”
  14. Sing For Joy

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