On May 16, 1989.


On May 16, 1989, “Elektra” label released “Blind Man’s Zoo”, the fourth 10,000 Maniacs  studio album. It was recorded November 1988–March 1989, at “Dreamland Recording Studio” in West Hurley, New York, and was produced by Peter Asher.


  • Natalie Merchant– vocals, piano, pipe organ
  • Robert Buck– electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Dennis Drew– organ, piano
  • Steve Gustafson– bass guitar
  • Jerome Augustyniak– drums
  • Jevetta Steele– backing vocals
  • Jason Osborn – arrangement, orchestral direction
  • Krista Bennion Feeney – first violin
  • Mitsuru Tsubota – second violin
  • Louise Schulman – viola
  • Myron Lutzke – cello
  • Dennis Godburn – bassoon
  • Robert Wolinsky – harpsichord
  • Scott Kuney – classical guitar
  • Frank Luther – double bass
  • Frank Filipetti– engineer
  • Dave Cook, Dennice Brown, Jeff Abikzer – engineer assistant

Track listing:

All tracks by Natalie Merchant except as noted.

  1. Eat for Two
  2. Please Forgive Us – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  3. The Big Parade – Jerome Augustyniak, Natalie Merchant
  4. Trouble Me – Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant
  5. You Happy Puppet – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  6. Headstrong
  7. Poison in the Well – Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant
  8. Dust Bowl – Robert Buck, Natalie Merchant
  9. The Lion’s Share – Dennis Drew, Natalie Merchant
  10. Hateful Hate
  11. Jubilee

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