On April 29, 1977.

Lace and Whiskey

On April 29, 1977, “Warner Bros” released “Lace and Whiskey”, the tenth Alice Cooper studio album.It was released at “Soundstage” in Toronto; “Cherokee Studios”, “RCA”, “Producer’s Workshop” in Los Angeles; “Record Plant” in New York, and was produced by Bob Ezrin.


  • Alice Cooper – vocals
  • Dick Wagner- guitar, vocals
  • Steve Hunter- guitar
  • Bob Babbitt- bass
  • Tony Levin- bass
  • Prakash John– bass
  • Allan Schwartzberg- drums
  • Jim Gordon- drums
  • Jimmy Maelen- percussion
  • Josef Chirowski – keyboards
  • Bob Ezrin- keyboards

Track listing:

All tracks by Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner and Bob Ezrin, except where noted.

  1. It’s Hot Tonight
  2. Lace and Whiskey
  3. Road rats
  4. Damned If You Do
  5. You and Me – Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner
  6. King of the Silver Screen
  7. Ubangi Stomp
  8. (No More) Love at Your Convenience
  9. I Never Wrote Those Song
  10. My God

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