On March 10, 1967.


On March 10, 1967, “Deram” label released “Matthew and Son”, the debut Cat Stevens studio album. “Matthew and Son” was recorded from July 1966 to February 1967, at “Decca Studios” in London, and was produced by Mike Hurst.


  • Cat Stevens: vocals, guitars, piano,Hammond organ
  • John Paul Jones: bass guitar
  • Alan Tew, Mike Hurst – arrangements
  • Mike Hurst: liner notes

Track listing:

All tracks by Cat Stevens, except where noted.

  1. Matthew and Son
  2. I Love My Dog
  3. Here Comes My Baby
  4. Bring Another Bottle Baby
  5. Portobello Road – Cat Stevens, Kim Fowley
  6. I’ve Found a Love
  7. I See a Road
  8. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On
  9. Granny
  10. When I Speak to the Flowers
  11. The Tramp
  12. Come on and Dance
  13. Hummingbird
  14. Lady




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