On February 14, 1984.


On February 14, 1984, “Warner Bros” label released “Mister Heartbreak”, the second Laurie Anderson studio album.  It was recorded July – December 1983, at “The Lobby, RCA, A & R” in New York, and was produced by Laurie Anderson, Bill Laswell, Roma Baran  and  Peter Gabriel.


  • Laurie Anderson– vocals, synclavier, violin,  whistle, vocoder, electronic conches, bell, percussion
  • William S. Burroughs– vocals
  • Adrian Belew– guitar
  • Nile Rodgers– guitar
  • Peter Gabriel– vocals, synclavier, Linn drum
  • Bill Laswell– bass
  • Anton Fier– drums, toms, wood block
  • David Van Tieghem– plywood, singing bowls, drums, Simmons, steel drum, gato, bamboo
  • Daniel Ponce– percussion
  • Bill Blaber– soprano saxophone
  • Sang-Won Park– kayagum
  • Connie Harvey, Janet Wright– Japanese chorus
  • Phoebe Snow, Atsuko Yuma– backing vocals
  • November (Michelle Cobbs, Dolette McDonald, Brenda Nelson) –backing vocals

Track listing:

All tracks by Laurie Anderson except where noted.

  1. Sharkey’s Day
  2. Langue d’Amour
  3. Gravity’s Angel
  4. Kokoku
  5. Excellent Birds – Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel
  6. Blue Lagoon
  7. Sharkey’s Night – Laurie Anderson, William S. Burroughs



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