On November 5, 1982.


On November 5, 1982, “Polydor” label released “A Kiss in the Dreamhouse”, the fifth Siouxsie and the Banshees studio album. It was recorded June – August 1982, at the “Playground Studios” in Camden, “Town and Abbey Road Studios” in London, and was produced by Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin. In 2007, magazine “Mojo” ranked the album No.1 on its list of the “Best albums of 1982”.


  • Siouxsie Sioux– vocals, bells
  • Steven Severin– bass guitar, six-string bass guitar, organ
  • John McGeoch– guitar, keyboards , recorder
  • Budgie– drums, percussion, harmonica
  • Caroline Lavelle – cello
  • Anne Stephenson – violin
  • Virginia Hewes – violin
  • Mike Hedges– engineering
  • Rocking Russian – sleeve design
  • Michael Kostiff – sleeve photography

Track listing:

All lyrics by Siouxsie Sioux, except where noted, all music composed by Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, John McGeoch and Budgie.

  1. Cascade
  2. Green Fingers
  3. Obsession
  4. She’s a Carnival
  5. Circle
  6. Melt!
  7. Painted Bird
  8. Cocoon
  9. Slowdive

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