On January 14, 2003.

On January 14, 2003, “Sensory” label released “Emergent”, the second Gordian Knot album.


  • Sean Malone– vocals, bass guitar, Chapman stick, fretless guitar, keyboards, e-bow, echoplex, loops
  • Paul Masvidal – vocals, guitars
  • Bob Brunin – vocals, guitars, fretless guitars
  • Jason Göbel – guitars
  • Jim Matheos- acoustic guitars
  • Steve Hackett – guitars
  • Sean Reinert – drums, v-drums, percussion
  • Bill Bruford – drums
  • Sonia Lynn – vocals

 Track listing:

  1. Arsis
  2. Muttersprache
  3. A Shaman’s Whisper
  4. Fischer’s Gambit
  5. Grace (Live)
  6. Some Brighter Thing
  7. The Brook the Ocean
  8. Singing Deep Mountain



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