On November 17, 2017.

On November 17, 2017, “BMG” label released “Low in High School”, the eleventh Morrissey studio album. It was recorded in 2017, at “Forum Studios” in Italy, “La Fabrique Studios” in France, and was produced by Joe Chiccarelli.


  • Morrissey– lead vocals
  • Jesse Tobias, Boz Boorer– guitars
  • Gustavo Manzur – keyboards
  • Mando Lopez – bass guitar
  • Matthew Ira Walker– drums

Track listing:

  1. My Love, I’d Do Anything for You – Morrissey, Mando Lopez
  2. I Wish You Lonely – Morrissey, Boz Boorer
  3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage – Morrissey, Boz Boorer
  4. Home Is a Question Mark – Morrissey, Mando Lopez
  5. Spent the Day in Bed – Morrissey, Gustavo Manzur
  6. I Bury the Living – Morrissey,Jesse Tobias
  7. In Your Lap – Morrissey, Gustavo Manzur
  8. The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel – Morrissey, Gustavo Manzur
  9. All the Young People Must Fall in Love – Morrissey, Boz Boorer
  10. When You Open Your Legs – Morrissey,Jesse Tobias
  11. Who Will Protect Us from the Police? – Morrissey, Boz Boorer
  12. Israel – Morrissey, Gustavo Manzur



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