On October 29, 2013.

On October 29, 2013, “Mascot” label released “Still Climbing”, the fifteenth Leslie West studio album. It was recorded in 2013, and was produced by Leslie West and Mike “Metal” Goldberg.


  • Leslie West – vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, arranger, creative director
  • Johnny Lang – vocals, guitar
  • David Biglin – acoustic guitar, piano, Hammond B3, strings
  • Mike “Metal” Goldberg – drums, arranger, engineer, mixing
  • Rev Jones – bass, arranger
  • Arno Hecht – saxophone
  • Johnny Winter, Dylan Rose, Mark Tremonti – guitar
  • Elaine Caswell – vocals
  • Jeff Chenault – design
  • Justin Borucki, Gary Dellabate, Austin Hargrave, Paul Natkin – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Leslie West, except where noted.

  1. Dyin’ Since The Day I Was Born
  2. Busted, Disgusted or Dead
  3. Fade Into You
  4. Fade Into You
  5. Tales of Woe
  6. Feeling Good – Anthony Newley, Leslie Bricusse
  7. Hatfield or McCoy
  8. When a Man Loves a Woman – Calvin Lewis, Andrew Wright
  9. Long Red – Leslie West, Felix Pappalardi, John Ventura, Norman Landsberg
  10. Don’t Ever Let Me Go
  11. Rev Jones Time – Harold Arlen



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