On June 10, 2016.

On June 10, 2016, “Earache” label released “Hollow Bones”, the fifth Rival Sons album. It was recorded in 2016, at “RCA Studio”, “A Low Country Sound Studio”,  “House of David”, “Sixteen Ton Studio” in Nashville, and was produced by Dave Cobb.


  • Jay Buchanan — vocals
  • Scott Holiday— guitar, string arrangement
  • Dave Beste — bass guitar
  • Michael Miley — drums
  • Todd E. Ogren-Brooks — keyboards
  • Kristen Rogers, Whitney Coleman and April Rucker — backing vocals
  • Eamon McLoughlin — cello, violin
  • Matt Ross’Spang ,John Netti – recording engineer
  • Eddie Spear — mixing
  • Pete Lyman — mastering
  • Emilia Pare — photography
  • Martin Wittfooth — album artwor, layout
  • Luke Martin, Mark Esser — tracking seconds

Tracks listing:

  1. Hollow Bones Pt. 1 – Scott Holiday, Jay Buchanan, Michael Miley, Dave Cobb
  2. Tied Up – David Beste, Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday
  3. Thundering Voices – Scott Holiday, Jay Buchanan, Michael Miley, Dave Cobb
  4. Baby Boy – Scott Holiday, Jay Buchanan
  5. Pretty Face – Scott Holiday, Jay Buchanan
  6. Fade Out – Scott Holiday, Jay Buchanan
  7. Black Coffee – Ike Turner, Tina Turner
  8. Hollow Bones Pt. 2 – Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday, Michael Miley, Dave Beste
  9. All That I Want – Jay Buchanan

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