On May 7, 2012.

On May 7, 2012, “A” label released “Aufheben”, the twelfth Brian Jonestown Massacre label.


  • Anton Newcombe– guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, drums, electronics
  • Will Carruthers- bass, backing vocals
  • Matt Hollywood- guitar
  • Constantine Karlis – drums
  • Joel Gion– tambourine
  • Hallberg Daði Hallbergsson – guitar
  • Hakon Adalsteinsson – guitar
  • Eliza Karmasalo, Thibault Pesenti – vocals
  • Friederike Bienert – flute
  • Fab Leseure – keyboards, electronics

Track listing:

  1. Panic in Babylon
  2. Viholliseni Maalla
  3. Gaz Hilarant
  4. Illuminomi
  5. I Want to Hold Your Other Hand
  6. Face Down on the Moon
  7. The Clouds Are Lies
  8. Stairway to the Best Party in the Universe
  9. Seven Kinds of Wonderful
  10. Waking Up to Hand Grenades
  11. Blue Order / New Monday

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