In November 1971.

In November 1871, “Reprise” label released”.. Beautiful Lies You Could Live In” the sixth Pearls Before Swine album. It was recorded in 1971, at “A&R Studios” and “Aura Sound” in New York City, “Bearsville Studios” in Woodstock and was produced by Peter H. Edmiston.

  • Tom Rapp – vocals, guitar
  • Morrie E. Brown, Gerry Jermott, Gordon Hayes: bass
  • Steve Alan Grable – piano, organ
  • Jon Tooker – guitar
  • Elisabeth Rapp – vocals
  • Michael Krawitz – piano
  • Billy Mundi, Herb Lovell, Grady Tate – drums
  • Bob Dorough – piano
  • Stu Scharf, Amos Garrett – electric guitar
  • Executive producer – Charles R. Rothschild
  • Engineered by Mark Harman

Track listing:


  1. Snow Queen – Tom Rapp
  2. A Life – Tom Rapp
  3. Butterflies – Tom Rapp
  4. Simple Things – Tom Rapp
  5. Everybody’s Got Pain – Tom Rapp
  6. Bird On A Wire – Leonard Cohen
  7. Island Lady – Tom Rapp
  8. Come To Me – Tom Rapp
  9. Freedom – Tom Rapp
  10. She’s Gone – Tom Rapp
  11. Epitaph – Housman, Elisabeth Rapp



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