On May 2, 1966.

On May 2, 1966, “Capitol” label released “Dust on Mother’s Bible”, the eleventh Buck Owens and his Buckaroos studio album. It was recorded in November 1965, at “Capitol Recording Studios” in Hollywood, and was produced by Ken Nelson.


  • Buck Owens – guitar, vocals
  • Don Rich– guitar, fiddle, vocals
  • Tom Brumley– pedal steel guitar
  • Willie Cantu – drums
  • Bobby Austin – bass
  • Doyle Holly– guitar, vocals
  • Wayne Stong – drums
  • Red Simpson – guitar
  • George French, Jr. – piano

Track listing:

  1. Pray Every Day – Buck Owens, Red Simpson
  2. When Jesus Calls All His Children In – Buck Owens, Red Simpson
  3. I’ll Go to the Church Again With Momma – Buck Owens, Red Simpson
  4. Bring It to Jesus – Buck Owens, Bonnie Owens
  5. Jesus Saved Me – Buck Owens, Red Simpson
  6. Would You Be Ready? – Don Rich
  7. Dust on Mother’s Bible – Buck Owens
  8. Satan’s Gotta Get Along Without Me – Buck Owens, Red Simpson
  9. Where Would I Be Without Jesus – Don Sessions
  10. Eternal Vacation – Buck Owens, Bonnie Owens
  11. It Was With Love – Loudilla Johnson, Don Rich
  12. All the Way With Jesus – Buck Owens, Bonnie Owens

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