On March 5, 2013.


On March 5, 2013, “Idlewild” label released “Nanobots”, the twelve They Might Be Giants studio album. It was recorded in 2012, at Patrick Dillett’s tudio in Manhattan, “Collyer Brothers Studio” in Brooklyn, and “The Governor’s Bluff” in Sullivan County, and was produced by Patrick Dillett. The album cover artwork was by Paul Sahre, using collages by artist Sam Weber.


  • John Linnell– songwriting, vocals, accordion, keyboards, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, saxophones, programming
  • John Flansburgh– songwriting, vocals, guitar, keyboards, programming
  • Marty Beller– drums
  • Dan Miller– guitar, piano
  • Danny Weinkauf– bass guitar
  • Stan Harrison– saxophone, saxophones, clarinets and flute
  • Jon Graboff– mandolin
  • Jedediah Parish – vocals
  • Chris Thompson – vibraphone
  • Robin Goldwasser– vocals
  • Jon Altschuler – engineer

Track listing:

  1. You’re on Fire
  2. Nanobots
  3. Black Ops
  4. Lost My Mind
  5. Circular karate Chop
  6. Call You Mom
  7. Tesla
  8. Sleep
  9. Stone Cold Coup d’Etat
  10. Sometimes a Lonely Way
  11. Destroy the Past
  12. 9 Secret Steps
  13. Have Mind
  14. Decision Makers
  15. Nouns
  16. There
  17. Insect Hospital
  18. Tick
  19. Replicant
  20. The Darlings of Lumberland
  21. Great
  22. Stuff is Way
  23. Icky
  24. Too Tall Girl
  25. Don’t Kill Me

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